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Readers of all ages will enjoy the books published by Taylor and Seale Books, a traditional publisher based in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. Check out our authors and available titles, and join our guild members at our upcoming events to meet writers of different genres.


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This Week’s Featured Authors

  • DL Havlin has done it again!  Given us a best seller you can't put down  until the end.
  • Chessie, her boss, and a team of archaeologists and scientists are selected by the US State Department to go to Argentina. They meet a similar Argentinian team to examine a location they’re told has multiple sites to excavate. What they believe is to be a dig exploring the Guarani Indians’ past, turns out to be the excavation of a transplanted Nazi compound. From the beginning, it’s apparent there are those who don’t want them in Misiones Province when the plane they were scheduled to fly on is blown up. The danger rises as Chessie and her crew, begin unearthing 70-year-old dirty laundry. Accompany her as she narrowly escapes death and unearths military secrets NO one is supposed to know. 

  • SeeDL Halin's  website for more of his work!

  • Great novel for young adults...from best-selling YA author
  • It’s seventeen-year-old Dallas Berry’s senior year, and she has high expectations. Known as Squirrel to her friends because of her bushy red ponytail and tendency to hoard, Dalls/Squirrel loves Jacob Barnaby, cats, trees and her family. Squirrel also loves Catwoman, and, like Catwoman, tries to protect those in need.

    Since her parents leave home for months at a time to fight wildfires, Squirrel must care for her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and diabetes. To make matters worse, escaped convicts are on the loose.

    When an intrudung cat and her great-grandmother’s secret diary enter her life in a shroud of mystery, Squirrel’s plans fo​r her last year in high school beginto unravel.

    Squirrel’s devotion to her grandmother and concern for needy people and stray cats demonstrate her caring heart, but will her selfless behavior come with too hgh a price?

  • Biography--reads like a novel about a great lady

    From the wretched conditions of Florida’s turpentine camps to Eleanor Roosevelt’s elegant home, from a background of poverty and prejudice to din- ners with the rich and famous, the life of Dr. Annie Mae Walker chronicles both abuse and celebration of growing up black in Daytona Beach and beyond. This tells the story of struggles of civil rights abuse and triumph in the United States from the viewpoint of a woman who helped change its history.

  • “If you are an educator who believes in inspiring students to perform at their best, you must read the story of Dr. Annie Mae Walker, who lived to inspire students and everyone around her!”

  • Great children's book with interaction and songs.  Hours of fun.
  • Linda Mason, an extraordinary writer and musician, has a gift for reaching and teaching children through her stories and music. Each book is like a jewel — not only for its entertainment value and interest, but also for its teaching values of friendship, as well as vocabulary, writing, thinking, and the arts. Enter her world through Whodilly Wiggilly, a story about a close friendship of two unlikely figures—an owl and a caterpiller. Listen to her music and let the children sing and dance to the catchy rhythms and work on the various activities. They will have hours of entertainment.

  • Third in a series of J. Marshall Gordon's Penny Summer Mysteries
  • Penny's landscape designer client, Aidan, has died unexpectedly. Penny is doubly bumfuzzled as her great aunt Zelma would say to discover that her dead client's wife, whom she'd never met, is her long-estranged mother. When Penny learns how Aidan died, it's clear  he was murdered, and all signs point to Mom.  After hearing whispers from her late lamented Grandpa Jack, however, her suspects begin to multiply.  Then, with assistance from her CSI wannabe "niece," Kalea, and Aidan's brother, Brendan, on loan from Broadway, the list of suspects expands again. 
  • A Sardonic Death is a delightful romp told without profanity, violence or explicit scenes. 

  • Sometimes our attempts have unforeseen consequences, and sometimes we become discouraged with failure. But dreams are important. Only the individual decides which way to go, regardless of the price he has to pay

    Nick Green’s story reveals the heart of a youth who pays the price. He is on a mission—a journey which will change his life forever—no matter how it ends.

  • This is a debut novel of a promising young author.  

  • YA or adult book

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Beach Reads 1

Short stories written by members of the Daytona Writers Guild for the whole family to enjoy.  This is the first of the series. 

Loose Balloons by Jill Clark

A humorous, imaginative children’s book with  engaging poems that encourage children to read, laugh and learn about their environment and themselves. (Plus teaching resources and lesson plans K-5)

The Sky Has Windows

Donna Lee Moore

Introducing a master poet  from Australia--soon to arrive for debut

Chise Wars

James Tierney

The third in the popular middle grade and above series Zierns


Tom Towslee


Tapwater Mystery

Bob Boese 

The first of the Casey series.  A young sleuth

solves her detective father's mysteries. 


A biographical novel about Augusta Savage, fantastic sculptress and leader of the Harlem Renaissance of the late thirties.