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A brilliant and controversial biotech scientist from Seattle is about to announce a discovery that will potentially make his company a fortune and save tens of thousands of lives. But just days before the announcement he secretly travels to Scotland to meet with another scientist.

Bryn Baczek, a Seattle consultant, is vacationing in Scotland, hiking alone in a downpour, surrounded by midges, when she sees a body at the bottom of a ravine. Before she can return to the scene with the Mountain Rescue Team, the body of the scientist disappears, along with the laptop containing his cutting-edge research.

When an attractive man Bryn met in Scotland shows up, she suspects it isn’t her charm that brought him to her hometown. It turns out that one of his family’s business sidelines is the illegal sale of human organs. They want the missing laptop and assume Bryn has it.

After initially escaping her pursuers, Bryn is saved from becoming the murderer’s second victim by her cantankerous and predictable cat.   AUTHOR CHARLOTTE STUART

  •   One of fourteen children, Augusta Savage grew up in a small town in the Deep South under oppressive Jim Crow laws, but she was determined to accomplish something special. Even though herfather took the switch to her for making “graven images,” she was drawn to a clay pit near her home where she spent hours sculpting ducks and barnyard animals. Against all odds, she eventually

    became a leading sculptor, educator and champion of equal rights during the Harlem Renaissance. What she regarded as success alluded her and the loss of loved ones disheartened her. Finally, she made a choice that made the New York art world gasp.    (Biographical)  AUTHOR GAIL TANZER

  • Jackson “Sonny” Malloy is haunted and hunted. Haunted by the unexplained death twenty-three years earlier of 16-year-old Dinah Bible. Hunted by a hired gun determined to kill him for what he knows about a political scandal. When Malloy learns that Dinah’s death was no accident, he searches for her killer while the hired gun searches for him. All paths lead to the treacherous and ominous Graves Point. AUTHOR TOM TOWSLEE

  • Miranda Marquette, self-made millionaire living in Malibu, is summoned by her cousin, Sabine to return home to New Orleans to solve a mystery.

    Miranda, an ex cop, jumps in with both feet to help her cousin, but when someone is murdered, will her offer be at the expense of her freedom?

    In the process, Miranda learns more family secrets then she ever wanted to know, one of which will change her relationship with Sabine forever. Miranda discovers that no matter what you think, when you go below the surface, things are seldom what they seem.. author j.t. kunkel

Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner  

  • MIDDLE-GRADE NOVEL: Middle-grade girls experience different emotions in struggling with family problems and social interaction with each other.  Rose, Lily, and Violet have different personalities, though they are all named for flowers. Rose is a new student, Violet is quiet and shy, and Lily likes to take charge.  As they struggle through their challenges and a little bullying from another girl, they find that they have much in common and can cope better together than alone.  Their friendship becomes strong.  A heart-warming, interesting tale for middle grade students.  AUTHOR JUDY LUNDQUIST

  • An inspiring, reflective, uplifting celebration of life, the sublime, and nature in all its glory, this collection of original poems and photographs by Lynn Conrad perfectly blends word and image to gently stir the mind and massage the soul. Kathleen Moore, writer and lecture 

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Beach Reads 1

Short stories written by members of the Daytona Writers Guild for the whole family to enjoy.  This is the first of the series. 

Loose Balloons by Jill Clark

A humorous, imaginative children’s book with  engaging poems that encourage children to read, laugh and learn about their environment and themselves. (Plus teaching resources and lesson plans K-5)

The Sky Has Windows

Donna Lee Moore

Introducing a master poet  from Australia--soon to arrive for debut

Chise Wars

James Tierney

The third in the popular middle grade and above series Zierns


Tom Towslee


Tapwater Mystery

Bob Boese 

The first of the Casey series.  A young sleuth

solves her detective father's mysteries. 


A biographical novel about Augusta Savage, fantastic sculptress and leader of the Harlem Renaissance of the late thirties.