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   Mysteries and Histories

   Historical fiction




DL Havlin​

WRITER, SPEAKER,  HISTORIAN--mystery, suspense, Florida, mainstream...


The Cross on Cotton Creek 


A Confederate soldier and an officer find shelter in a small country church as Sherman marches to the sea. Trapped behind enemy lines, injured and helpless to move on, they accept the kindness of the minister and his 'family' that cares for them. It's not long before they realize that a bounty has been placed on all Confederates' heads and that some members of the community are desperate to cash in.  

Now descendants gather on a once every five year pilgrimage to paint the cross that remains over the church ruins.  (continued)


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(continued) What events were powerful enough to secure a family's commitment for a hundred years? Will these descendants, after learning from the locals of the miracles delivered and prayers answered on this site, believe enough to continue the tradition, or will they sell the property and the church their ancestors struggled to acquire and keep? A man and his son are faced with a choice that could impact future events and ultimately decide the fate of the eerie power of The Cross on Cotton Creek.

Blue Water Red Blood 

ISBN:                                 $21.95​

Blue Water Red Blood is the poignant story of how,together  two Americans faced and conquered redtape, engineering obstacles, corruption and personal trials to train and equip the US Marines for their greatest challenges. Fact and fiction fuse to create one of the best historical fiction novels about the creation of two of WWII’s iconic Pacific landing craft.

Bully Route Home 


“Pooch” Robertson, a twelve-year-old growing up in the 1940’s rural South, learns about the realities and short-comings of the word he lives in when a bully terrorizes him. Pooch chooses to walk home from school by making a detour through the black “quarters” to avoid daily beatings. The friendship he forms with a black youth creates a chain of events that threatens to spiral out of control and plunge the community into a full-fledged race war. He, his parents and others struggle to avoid the conflict and plant a seed of racial understanding.

Winner of the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award for best literary manuscript. 


 (His fans just keep growing...)

The Bait Man


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Wild child” Chessie Partin has had enough of being branded a woman who never finishes what she starts, so when she stumbles on murder evidence implicating the local “bait man”, her tormentor, she sets her jaw and enlists the help of her suspended policeman brother, Reading, to catch the man she’s sure is a killer, but there’s not enough proof. She strikes out on her own to gather more facts to convict bait man, Rooster Cocker, and to prove he is the despicable villain she believes him to be.

Escaping Skeletons 


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Before it became the CIA, the United States’ clandestine service was the OSS or Office of Strategic Services. It was a desperate organization born in WW II’s desperate times. One desperate plan was the highly secret operation called, “Paperclip.” It was concocted to beat the Soviets in the race to grab as many German scientists as possible at the end of the war. Mistakes made to expedite this operation were carefully hidden but did, and still do, haunt the US government.Chessie, her boss, and a team of archaeologists and scientists are selected by the US State Department to go to Argentina. They meet a similar Argentinian team to examine a location they’re told has multiple sites to excavate. What they believe is to be a dig exploring the Guarani Indians’ past, turns out to be the excavation of a transplanted Nazi compound.

Doug Giacobbe


By Unknown Means 

Michael Callaway Thriller Series Book 1 -- After an unsuccessful night operation drug bust, Customs Enforcement Agent Michael Callaway ends up on a collision course with his show-off boss. He quit his job, thinking he could just sit back and enjoy life but he could still not let go of his former duties and began to act in ways that kept everyone guessing about his true interests. He bought a boat, and with his former partner went off on a fishing and drinking trip to the Bahamas. When they come up against a ruthless drug lord, his idealism comes to the forefront and the excitement becomes terror on the high seas. Nothing can stop Callaway from his pursuit of the Drug lord, and the fast-paced action gives a great, satisfactory ending while leading the way to Giacobbe's second exciting Michael Callaway book, A Fierce Vengeance.

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A Fierce Vengeance

Callaway and his fiancée, Carrie Marvin fought a battle with the devil on the azure waters of the Caribbean and won, removing one of the fiercest drug dealers in history from this world. Little did they know that the man's son would come for them with a vengeance so strong that it would make his dead father's evil accomplishments seem trivial in comparison.  

Callaway will be driven from the beautiful life that he and Carrie had planned, and into the dark world of vengeance.  His reputation of being a rule-following "boy scout" in his former occupation as a US Customs Enforcement Agent would be gone in an instant, along with his strict ways of following the law.  He will become judge, jury and executioner with no mercy and no concern for his own life.  He will become what he sets out to destroy in the name of vengeance.

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What if the love of your life was a ghost? What if you had to make a choice?

Hollow Lake has a legend. The locals say that the spirit of Chloe Hunter, a teenager drowned in 1980, haunts its waters. She has been seen every year since, especially during late autumn when she appears as an eerie figure swimming in near-icy waters. Nick Horan knows the legend, but he doesn't believe in ghosts . . . until late one night, when he sees Chloe as she wades out of the cold lake. As beautiful as she is terrifying, the vision stirs something inside him before she vanishes into the dark woods. Nick has another problem: he’s on a collision course with a murderer, and her ghost is in the way.

Chloe isn't from here. She's a doorway to somewhere else, and he might just follow her anywhere. $17.95 Click image to order. 

Hau Tea Green: Kahlo and Crowe Mystery, Book 2  

Sometimes secrets are too big to live with. Sometimes dying is a relief.Beatrice Stone came to the west coast young and delectable, with high hopes and big plans for a long career on the silver screen. It hasn’t worked out. She has a secret—she loves someone she isn’t allowed to. It’s a love that’s forbidden, and it ruins her. Pretty dreams don’t always come true, and she descends into the streets, living for the next bottle of gin. A prostitute and a thief, she gets by any way she can. She steals something without knowing how valuable it is, and the people she stole it from want it back badly enough to kill her. Scented with cinnamon and suntan oil, soaked in neon and bourbon, from the sleazy beach motels on Cabrillo Boulevard to the gated, palm-shaded mansions in Montelindo, this is southern California in the winter of 1947, fresh, real and colorful as today. $19.95 Click image to order.

Girls In Pink: Kahlo and Crowe Mystery, Book 1

Santa Teresa, California, 1947: P. I. Nathaniel Crowe has extricated his client, Charlene Cleveland, from a dangerous marriage to a dangerous man, a local hood, Sal Cleveland. Her husband grants the divorce, but then runs her car off the road and shoots her. Crowe is shaken by news of the murder. He resolves to get justice for Charlene, even if it means working for free. He crosses paths with the beautiful and exotic Annie Kahlo, an eccentric artist, who has an old grudge against the gangster. Annie knows a few secrets about Cleveland; secrets that might help Crowe bring the kingpin down. Despite all of his better instincts, Crowe finds himself falling for Annie...hard. ‘Girls in Pink’ is neon, wet streets, smoke, venetian blinds and ghosts in pink. It’s echoes of Bogart and Bacall, the summer of 1947... LA noir with a fresh, contemporary feel. $16.95 Click image to order. 

The Orange Groove: Kahlo and Crowe Mystery

Bob Bickford

ISBN: 978-1-950613-01-4    $18.95

In the tiny village of Caperucita Roja, Mexico, in a plaster-cracked alley, there’s a wall. Hidden beneath a burst of bougainvillea, it’s painted with a picture of nine running wolves. The image is faded nearly invisible, but the right words can turn the wolves loose—and once set free, they can’t be called back.A thousand miles north, in Santa Teresa, California, the beach pavilion is in full swing. The oceanfront is overflowing with cold bourbon and hot neon, and the Mills Brothers are headlining at the Montelindo Hotel. The sun is gold, the swimming pools are blue—and the very worst fairy tales are coming to life.This is Springtime, 1948—perfume and color so real you’ll want to stay. The wolves are running, and Annie’s back.

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London, January 1942. London Times war correspondent, George Adams, is a tortured soul, devastated by his wife's death and rejected by all branches of the military. Destroyed by events he couldn't control, he can't face the future and won't forget the past. His editor sends him to Singapore, a city threatened by the Japanese, hoping the exotic location and impending crisis will erase his haunting memories. Within minutes of his arrival, George is caught in a near-fatal air raid that triggers a chain of conflict and catastrophes. Injured and sheltered underground, he meets Thomas Montclair, a crafty French spy, and Lady Jane Carrington Smythe, an English aristocrat, who are destined to share his adventures. When a Japanese general is murdered, Lady Jane becomes the prime suspect. The trio flees the enemy and their own troubled pasts, confronting personal demons as well as the Japanese. They chase their dreams and elude their nightmares, evading a manhunt that spans the islands of the southwest Pacific, their lives wrapped in a swirling kaleidoscope of death, doubt, and desire. $16.95 Click image to order. 



With Europe in turmoil and France falling, British agent Taylor Hartridge obtains the Nazi invasion plans for Britain. He suspects a double agent in the Lisbon Embassy and insists on taking the plans to London, but is murdered before his departure, the plans stolen.

London analyst Simon Cole arrives in Lisbon, woefully unprepared but willing and determined, pitted against a German spy called the Chameleon, a master of disguise. Racing to recover the plans before the invasion is launched, Cole hunts for Hartridge’s killer while exposing the double agent in Lisbon—even if it’s the woman he loves. $      Click image to order. 

Berlin, 1943.

British agent Michael York is sent to Berlin to solve the mystery of his predecessor’s death.

A member of the Berlin String Quartet, four talented musicians, had offered the British Intelligence officer valuable information. But another member had betrayed him, and turned him in to the Gestapo.

Each of the musicians has access to vital information and can easily be the one who betrayed York’s predecessor.

York finds the quartet difficult to assess. 


With the aid of a British master spy, Max, York works painstakingly to solve the riddle and gather information for the Allies. He must tiptoe through the streets of Berlin, always cautious, always aware, knowing that a child could betray him as easily as a grandmother.Nothing can prepare him for the revelations that follow. $17.95 Click image to order.


Paris: 1942 Three lives intertwined in Nazi-occupied Paris: Paul, a brooding banker whose family was killed by the Gestapo, Rachel, a teenage Jew who leads her family's escape from the Germans, Claire, a demure bookstore owner who finds courage and conviction - all confronted by an infamous Nazi collaborator. In the sprawling network of catacombs underneath the Left Bank of Paris, they hide thousands of Jewish refugees, giving them new identities and leading them to safety. Together they move forward, outsmarting a ruthless enemy, overcoming obstacles, defying danger, moving farther and faster, almost invincible-until an innocent bystander notices something amiss and their entire world collapses around them. $    Click image to order.


Katelyns Killer: A Penny Summers Mystery   Book 1

ISBN: 978-1-943789-49-8     $16.95

Penny Summers' first foray as a gardener brings her face to face with her newest friend, college sophomore Katelyn Blake, dead in a swamp-like goldfish pond. Penny, a former Navy public affairs officer, is determined to research an article about Katelyn, hoping to discover the killer. When she's put in charge of planning a monster Fourth of July festival, Penny is up to her tramp stamp in competing allegiances.

Katelyn's Killer is woven into the fabric of Maryland's capital city and its two most famous schools, the U. S. Naval Academy and historic St. John's College, where the scent of Chesapeake breezes, ancient boxwoods and old money mingle. $16.95 Click image to order.

Malice At The Manor: A Penny Summers Mystery, Book 2

ISBN:   978-1-943789-80-1      $18.95         

Penny Summers bones up on Renaissance garden design until she finds a dead docent and finds herself up to her tramp stamp unraveling a Civil War battle flag scam. In North Carolina where "The Recent Unpleasantness" between the North and the South is still romanticized, the problem of a dead docent in a famous garden leads ex-Navy public affairs officer Penny Summers to a Civil War battle flag scam, a deadly reenactment, and a search for a man in black. With the help of Kalea, an eleven-year-old C.S.I.-wannabe, and Aaron, her handsome Navy friend working undercover, Penny discovers more than she bargained for. She thinks if she had studied psychology, it might have turned out differently. Probably not. $18.95 Click image to order. 

A SARDONIC DEATH : A Penny Summers Mystery Bk:3

J. Marshall Gordon

ISBN: 978-1-954613-02-1                      $18.99

Penny Summers’ first landscape design client, Aidan, has died quite unexpectedly. Penny is doubly bumfuzzled, as her great-aunt Zelma would say, to discover that her dead client’s wife, whom she’d never met, is her long-estranged mother!

When Penny learns how Aidan died, it’s clear that he was murdered, and all signs point to Mom. After hearing whispers from her late lamented Grandpa Jack, however, her suspects begin to multiply. Then, with assistance from her CSI-wannabe “niece,” Kalea, and Aidan’s brother Brendan, on loan from Broadway, the list of suspects expands again.

A Sardonic Death is a traditional whodunnit and delightful romp told without profanity, violence, or explicit scenes.


Virginia Slachman


ISBN: 978-1-950613-21-2                        $15.95

Blood in the Bluegrass is set on Eden Hill, a 100-year old Thoroughbred breeding farm. When their parents died, Harper Hill left her younger sister to run the business, while she escaped Kentucky to live the life of a Manhattan artist. The accidental death of Paris forces her back to decide if she can keep the family legacy running — and if she has to give up New York to do it.

Book Coming Soon 


Something exciting ......

Book Coming Soon 


Something Exciting.... 


Ben Barklee-- college professor, former Chicago Cubs pitcher and accidental private investigator. Barklee teaches a course on Dickens at Ridgehaven college, a.k.a. Dropout U. One of his wealthy pupils, Jane Macalester, a senator's daughter, goes missing. Unwittingly saving her from her captors, Barklee becomes a hero and then is ironically dismissed from his position because of "the college's fiscal troubles." To avoid money troubles of his own, Barklee becomes a licensed PI, and he again has to find Jane when her father reports her missing. Barklee becomes a target for a number of nasty characters who chase after him in a great romp through Chicago. He finally has to resort to his "purpose pitch" to try to save himself and Jane. $19.95 Click image to order. 

A seemingly straightforward case of a missing "marriage detective" morphs into a web of disappearances, big-money drug-dealing and crooked cops--all orchestrated by Chicago outlaw bikers ready to kill anyone in their way. To solve the case and protect his own family, English professor and part-time PI Ben Barklee must enter into the bikers' deadly netherworld. Getting out alive means calling upon every weapon at hand. This unlikely arsenal includes Barklee's knowledge of Dickens and dormant baseball skills, along with talk radio and true-crime TV. $17.99 Click image to order.

​Romance for the 21st Century 


The Heiress and The Reluctant Earl 

Barbara Roduner

ISBN: 978-1-950613-30-4        $

Come on an adventure ....